Whale Killer Token (WHKLR)

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Our Mission

If you have not already noticed, the crypto market is currently in the midst of a "Meme
Coin Frenzy". Many tokens are popping up, especially on the Binance Smart Chain because
of the fact that BSC tokens are traded without the high and unreasonable gas fees you’ll
find on the ETH Blockchain. Meme tokens of late have been making many investors
absolute fortunes practically overnight. Everyone who has ever invested in any
cryptocurrency project has experienced the challenges of whale investors. Whales join
the project and invest large sums of money.

When they invest, the price moves up and at times even explodes. This gives whale
investors an unfair advantage and ability to manipulate price action. When this happens,
it's a great experience if you were able to get in before them. However, the down side
ALWAYS comes back with a massive selloff. At that time you are left feeling the loss, and
often times even after a tremendous gain.

Whale Killer's MISSION is to settle the score!

The Tokenomics

The Fee

20% Fee on all Buys and Sells of WHKLR.

This ensures our token is safe from Bots and Whales

10% Back to Holders

10% goes back to our holders. This makes sure that if a whale with illintentions decides to manipulate the Token. 10% gets split evenly between all of the holders.

5% To Liquidity

5% goes back to the Liquidity Pool. This ensures there is enough of the token available for everyone to buy and sell if they wish.

4% to Marketing

4% to Marketing. Why? Because every token needs to have a strong marketing funds in order to compete in this environment.

1% To Charity

1% to Charity. We want to give back. We are a community token who wants to improve the crypto space as well as the world.

Do We Hate Whales???

No! In fact we welcome whales. What we are here to guard against are the whales and bots who break projects before they even start, or they destroy a community that takes months to build.

We welcome whales into our community and we hope they are active with us!

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No "musk" no "moon" no "safe"

We didn't want to go along with the typical nonsense, relying on Elon's twitter feed to fuel our sales.  We're all original baby!

WHKLR Giveaways

Holding wallet numbers will be drawn at random 3 times a week. The winner will receive .1% of whatever our Marketing Wallet's value is at the time of being selected. This will be huge as time goes on!!

Community Driven

As a past member of many successful tokens, I know the only way to succeed is by listening to the community.  All marketing funds spent will be decided on by you before the project is approved!


There is 5% Liquidity being added to the pool per transaction, this may change in the future, but at this time there are no plans to do so.  Liquidity pool (LP) will be locked for six months with lock reoccurring for two years

Fair Launch


What's Unique?

Not only do we have a whale and bot deterring 20% transaction tax, we have a team that cares, is doxed, and is willing to stick around and build the project correctly. (Like we did on Elongate and Dogefather)

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Meet Our Dev

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No playing around. I am happy to self dox. My name is Nate Mueller and I cant wait to Kill the Whales with you.

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